"This Is A Must For Every Kitchen!" - Amy M.  Satisfied Customer
"This Is A Must For Every Kitchen!" - Amy M.  Satisfied Customer
"This Is A Must For Every Kitchen!" - Amy M.  Satisfied Customer
"This Is A Must For Every Kitchen!" - Amy M.  Satisfied Customer

"This Is A Must For Every Kitchen!" - Amy M. Satisfied Customer

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Say hello to SIFTR. The micro silicone colander, that makes cooking fast, clean and efficient. 

Designed to fit and work with any size of can (see below for can sizing)SIFTR lets you drain, strain and contain food without needing to make a mess or waste as much water as a conventional colander. Beyond this, we've discovered so many extra uses for it - check them out below!

Conventional colanders and sieves are massive. They're best for draining potatoes and pasta, not for getting liquid out of cans. They lead to a lot more wasted water, when all you need is SIFTR on the can, and a good shake to flush out any residue inside with a small amount of tap water. 

Fed up of colanders taking up too much space on the draining board (or dishwasher), SIFTR was created to solve the problem, and we have discovered it can do so, so much more...

Compact and colourful, SIFTR is made from silicone. This was chosen because its a flexible, food-grade, high temperature material. Each of the water-droplet shaped holes has been sized to allow the maximum flow of water both into and out of a can, without letting any of the food escape from inside. 

This is where SIFTR began. Sick of using a full size colander to drain chickpeas, kidney beans and tinned fruit, the mission was to develop a miniature version to specifically fit to cans that fully removed all residue inside, leaving only clean food behind. 

A standard can (like the ones shown in this campaign) are officially 73mm in diameter. SIFTR has a bit of stretch so can fit things slightly wider too!

Since being asked if SIFTR fits to different sized cans, we've been doing some testing and can confirm that it fits to more than the 'standard' 73mm can. 

For cans smaller than 73mm, SIFTR can be sat on top. For cans larger than 73mm, SIFTR can either be stretched or (for 20oz cans) fit inside the brim. Easy!

What impressed our early testers most about SIFTR is the massive range of extra uses they uncovered - and there are likely many more yet to be discovered! (the cocktail shaker is favourite!)

So far one of the best-rated extra uses is using SIFTR as a citrus-fruit juicer - just place half a lemon or lime inside and crush with your hand to catch the pips but release all that juice! (or hold above and catch the pips like shown in the example below!)

No one likes blocked drains, or leaving a greasy mess behind when you place a utensil on the side. SIFTR has been used to solve both of these problems!

You can even use SIFTR to open lids on tough jars, as a basket to poach eggs (the egg white can't escape from the holes once it starts cooking!) or as a herb-infuser to place inside a pan of boiling water (silicone can handle really, really high temperatures!) 

Easy to clean (handwash or dishwasher), SIFTR's compact size makes it perfect for every kitchen - big or small. Too often utensil drawers are crammed and extracting a colander can send pots and pans crashing to the floor - not a problem with SIFTR!